The Capital University of Economics and Business was founded in 1956 and was established as a key university of the Beijing Municipality when the former Beijing College of Economics and the Beijing Institute of Finance and Trade merged in June 1995.  Adhering to its motto: “Advocate morality, value competence, and strategize nation’s development to serve its people”, along with the guidance and efforts of the faculty and staff, CUEB is now a comprehensive university with a focus on economics and management, and a wide selection of disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs, covering 6 disciplines in Economics, Management, Law, Literature, Science and Engineering.

CUEB has two campuses. The main campus is located in Huaxiang, Fengtai District, in the Zhongguancun High-tech Zone that has full-time undergraduate and graduate students.  The Hongmiao Campus is located in Chaoyang District, in the Central Business District (CBD) that primarily houses international students and continuing education students. The two campuses combined comprise a total area of 580 Chinese Mu (39 acres) and a total construction area of 300,000 square meters.  The libraries house more than 1,660,000 books and over 2,600 kinds of periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages.

In recent years, CUEB has expanded its education dimensions with an emphasis on its undergraduate and graduate programs, in addition to continuing education and international student education. The university has thirty eight undergraduate programs. CUEB grants doctoral degrees for four top tier disciplines including: Applied Economics, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration and Statistics, among which Applied Economics is supported by a post-doctoral research center. Furthermore, there are ten master degree programs in top tier disciplines and thirteen professional master degree programs. CUEB has the following schools and departments, School of Urban Economics and Public Administration, School of Business Administration, School of Economics, School of Accounting, School of Labor Economics, School of Culture and Communication, School of Information, School of Safety and Environmental Engineering, School of Public Finance and Taxation, School of Law, School of Finance, School of Statistics, Foreign Languages Department, Overseas Chinese College, School of Marxism, Physical Education Department, School of International Education, School of Continuing Education, and Professional Masters of Education Center. 

Over the years, CUEB obtained great achievements in its disciplines. The Labor Economics has been approved as a national key discipline and was named by the Ministry of Education as “Most Distinctive Key Discipline”, thus becoming the forefront among the same discipline nationwide. Furthermore, Applied Economics (top tier discipline), Enterprise Management (second tier discipline) have been recognized as key disciplines by the Beijing Government. Management Science and Engineering and eight others have been approved as key developing disciplines by the Beijing Government.  In addition, CUEB also has four national distinctive key programs, two national faculty teams, three nationally approved selected courses, three model bilingual courses, one national experimental model teaching center and one innovation experimental training facility. In addition, CUEB received various education achievement awards from the Beijing Government.

Currently, there are 20,436 students enrolled at CUEB among which there are 9,528 undergraduates, 392 associates degree students, 2,310 graduate students, 170 doctorate degree students, 421 international students and 7,615 continuing education students. Admission scores for undergraduates have ranked as one of the top among the universities and colleges in Beijing. Furthermore, graduates have also received recognition for their achievements by their employers and the rate of graduate school admission and study abroad has increased constantly. In respect to the graduate employment rateit has remained at a steady rate of 95% and above for the past five years and the graduates’ job satisfaction has also multiplied. In addition, CUEB prides on its national advanced classes, national merit students, outstanding student representatives and student body.

CUEB has a strong and highly-credentialed faculty and research team. Currently, there are 1,459 faculty and staff members, including 750 instructors.  Among the instructors, 239 hold doctoral degrees which account for 40%, 312 are associate professors, 127 are professors, 54 are advisors for doctoral students, and 333 are advisors for graduate students. At present, one noted professor has received recognition at the national level and eight others were issued awards by the Beijing Government.

CUEB supports its faculty and experts in collaborative research on the theories and practice of economic development issues in Beijing.  The university has assumed a number of national, provincial, ministry-level and Beijing research projects that have resulted in practical and valuable outcomes. These projects include the establishment of over ten economic research bases such as, CBD Development Research Base, Beijing Economic and Social Development Policy Research Base, Metropolis Internationalization, Economic Growth and Business Cycles, and Beijing Municipal Conditions and public opinion Index Research. In addition, CUEB has set up twenty seven research institutes and centers including the Research Institute of Demography, Research Institute of Economy, Research Institute of Beijing Economy, Research Institute of Real Estate, CBD Development Research Center, World Trade Organization (WTO) Research Center, Entrepreneurs and Enterprise System Research Institute, Enterprise Development Research Center, China Industrial Economy Research Center, Business Research Center and the Social Security Research Center.

CUEB has published several scholarly journals, such as the “Research on Economics and Management,” which is considered one of the main academic journals in China and the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSI). In addition, the “Journal of Capital University of Economics and Business”, “Population and Economics”, and Contemporary Manager are available both in China and abroad.

CUEB maintains cooperation with more than 50 overseas universities. In collaboration with the Deakin University (Australia), CPA Australia, and the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the university launched a Master of Professional Accounting program with an internationally recognized CPA qualification. This project was the first Sino-Foreign joint program to combine both theory and professional training, which was approved by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council of China. In 2011, the university sent nearly 300 undergraduate and graduate students to study abroad through the support of the sister schools.

CUEB is committed to recruiting international students.  Since 1986, the university has been recruiting international students including: undergraduates, graduates, doctoral students and non degree students. In 2007, English taught programs were launched for international graduate students and in 2011 they were adopted for doctoral students. More than 600 international students are currently enrolled in long-term and short-term Chinese language course programs and economics-related courses. The university has set up a Chinese Language Teaching Center for teaching Chinese as a second language. In addition, CUEB constantly strives on further improving its learning environment and living conditions, and strengthening teaching management.

With its mission “Located in Beijing, Serving Beijing”, CUEB places an emphasis on discipline and teaching, in order to produce knowledgeable, well-rounded, innovative individuals with strong ability who can adapt to the needs of economic and social development. The university’s strategic plan includes: quality enhancement, intellectual growth, research development, innovation abilities in addition to the improvement of its facilities. The striving goal of CUEB is to become a domestically first-class, world known economics and management university that is both modernized and multi-disciplinary with distinct characteristics.


Address (Main Campus):

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Fengtai District, Beijing 100070, China

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2 Jintaili, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100026, China
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