Key Programs

BA program: Economics, International Economics & Business, Business Administration, Logistics Management, Marketing, Tourism Management, Electronic Commerce, International Human Resource Management, Labor and Social Security, Accounting, Financial Management, Information Management & Information System, Urban Administration, Land and resources administration, Safety Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Advertising, Taxation, Public Finance, Finance & Banking, Insurance, Statistics,  Media & Communication, Commercial Law, and so on.

MA program: Political Economics, Regional Economics Studies, Industrial Studies, Labor Economics, Statistics, Quantities Economics, Commercial Law, Demography, Safety Technology & Engineering, Labor Hygiene & Environmental Hygiene, Accounting, Financing & Banking, Western Economics, Social Security, International Trade, Public Administration, Human Resources &Environmental Economics, Financing,  Management Science & Engineering, MBA and so on. 

Program taught in English: Economics (MA program)

Ph.D. program: Quantities Economics, Industrial Economics, National Economics, Labor Economics, Business Administration, Statistics,  Public Finance, Finance & Banking, Regional Economics.

Non-degree program: Courses provided for Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Language learners, Intensive Courses for Short-term Chinese language learner.

The university provides with excellent teaching facilities and comfortable living arrangements for international students.